Sunday service 10:30am-12pm

Our Sunday morning services follow a structure but are relatively informal.


We start at 10:30am giving you the chance to have a relaxed start to the day and we aim to finish at 12pm just in time for lunch!


We have an average of 40 people attend each week, a number of whom serve before, during and after the service to help things run smoothly. 


Our morning worship is vibrant and makes use of a wide variety of worship songs and hymns ranging from traditional to contemporary, catering for all ages. We always pray to invite the Holy Spirit.


We currently have drums and a guitar and are looking for someone to play the keyboard. Along with the instruments we typically have 3 singers a week who help to lead the worship.


The Church has an excellent sound system (including a loop system for those with hearing aids) and laptop with a ceiling-mounted projector allowing us to project song lyrics, Bible passages and presentations onto a big screen or to show video clips. 

Sunday evening service 6:30pm-7:30pm

Whole church prayer meeting

Monday 10:30am-11:30am
Bible study followed by an hour of prayer
Tuesday 7pm-8pm
Bible study
Amplify prayer meeting
During the youth meeting, there is a prayer meeting from 7:30pm-8pm