George Road Community Church was built in 1884 and can be found sitting in the midst of Oldbury, Smethwick, Halesowen, Dudley and West Bromwich.


The Church stands majestically at the top of a hill, in a wonderfully diverse and lively community and is surrounded by an award winning garden filled with plants and trees inspired by the Bible. 

The Church was originally built as a Methodist Church and John Wesley preached here on several occasions. However, due to a decline in numbers, the Church had to be sold and was bought by Kings Community Church Brandhall in February 1990.

The Church had a small burial site surrounding it and its garden management was left to a goat, owned by the caretaker, who ate his way to keeping the garden grass nice and trimmed! However, we no longer have the goat but we do have a dedicated team of gardeners who work hard to oversee the upkeep of the garden, which has won a number of awards.


Due to the age of the building at the time of it being bought, there was a lot of refurbishment that needed to be done; there were only two toilets which were both outside and quite a distance from the main building which, in the colder months, was not pleasant. We urgently needed to review our building layout and decided to build an extension that would enable us to house internal toilets and improve the facilities of the Church. 

We also used this opportunity to build a Community Hall to increase the growth and development of our community projects. This gives us the privilege of being able to provide various programmes and clubs for all ages.